Collective Show


Jan 18, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020

Florentine Charon, Charlotte Khouri, Cynthia Lefebvre et Julien Rodriguez

Curating by Anne Bergeaud and Orane Stalpers

Founded in 1919, the Bauhaus was both an interdisciplinary school that placed experimentation at the heart of its practices and a community of artists driven by the utopian project of combining art and life. While our ways of networking have been profoundly changed by the internet and as we are now seeking to rethink our production and consumption modes in a more sustainable way, what relationship can we maintain with this heritage a little more than a hundred years after its creation?

Florentine Charon, Charlotte Khouri, Cynthia Lefebvre and Julien Rodriguez were invited to take a look at the history of this community and imagined different forms of collaboration for aufbau-haus.

Celebrating the playful and collaborative spirit that animated the German school, aufbau-haus at the same time draws attention to the alteration of this utopian project: the industrial dream has been eroded by the ecological emergency, the communal dream passed to the mill of our hypermedia age. Glassbox is thus transformed into a hybrid space between stage installation and reserve, exhibition and living space where everyone can come and sit, play, chat… In the manner of this voice that can be heard in the exhibition and that comes to embody and divert with humour these community aspirations, aufbau-haus is an invitation to grasp this story with joy and derision during the time of a pop-up.

aufbau-haus will continue with a discussion on Sunday, January 26th at the Université de la Jeune Création and will be followed by a second part at the Galerie de Jeune Création in June-July 2020.

This exhibition is supported by Jeune Création.