Stanislas Paruzel and Louise Carsoux

‘opu ‘opu

May 22, 2024 - Jun 01, 2024


Wednesday, 22 May at 6:00 PM

ʻōpū ʻōpū is a proposal by Stanislas Paruzel and Louise Carsoux.

Continuous screening of the films Perdu!! and Cannibal Goo, accompanied by a selection of posters.

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 2pm to 7pm.

Perdu !!
In a strange world, a character finds himself alone. He tries to find his way back through unknown, barren landscapes. Part existential tale, part fantastic adventure, Perdu!! guides and loses us as we encounter strange characters and interlocking spaces.

Production: Baptiste Le Chapelain Trivier & Stanislas Paruzel 
Image : Stanislas Paruzel
Sound : Baptiste Le Chapelain Trivier A.K.A Apulati Bien
Vocals: Tim Depraetere, Vica Pacheco, Emilienne "Mimi" Trivier
Co-production: 25AV, Maison Fracas et Glassbox

Cannibal Goo
A young driver drives through a phantasmagorical industrial zone. Despite himself, he finds himself at the heart of an epic, titanic battle. Inspired by the car journeys of his childhood in the South-West of France, Stanislas Paruzel pays tribute to all the roundabouts that populate the roads and break up the monotony of going back and forth.

Directed by Stanislas Paruzel
Sound : Baptiste Le Chapelain Trivier A.K.A Apulati Bien et Lamina

Thanks : Glassbox, Louise Colombani, Vincent Burger, Louise Carsoux, Baptiste Le Chapelain, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle 

Production : Glassbox as part of the Résidente Machine programme.

Stanislas Paruzel was born in 1992 in Pau. Lives and works in Paris. After attending the Bayonne art school, he returned to the Villa Arson in 2013 and obtained his DNSEP in 2017. In 2018, he joined the Artist run space workshop, Iveco Nu in Noisy-Le-Sec. He is a member of the Nuevos Boloss publishing collective.

Louise Carsoux was born in Paris and studied at the Villa Arson, where her friendships and artistic encounters were decisive and influenced her way of working. Since then, her practice has evolved by changing scale, moving from installations in volume, to creations of images whose collage practice reflects layers of complex temporalities mixing archives, old works, other collages always updated in a play of real and imagined dimensions.

BaptisteLe Chapelain is a sound designer based in Brussels and graduated from Villa Arson in 2016. He is developing a body of work in composition and experimental sound design, using sound as a malleable and plastic medium capable of generating a vast array of atmospheres and sensations. His hybrid and versatile universe oscillates between futuristic melancholy, electronic landscapes and insectoid polyrhythms, which he presents under his alias Apulati Bien in live performances and audio and video publications on labels such as Promesses, Kraak and Deardogs. He also works as a sound designer and stage manager on audiovisual projects for theatre, performance and contemporary dance.