Installation / Performance

Rose-Mahé Cabel

Jun 19, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

Wed. June 19

Performance at 7pm

Thu. June 20

Performance at 5pm

Fri. June 21

from 2pm to 7pm

Born in 1995, Rose-Mahé Cabel is a visual artist, performer and independent researcher. He graduated from Hear Strasbourg and then trained as a herbalist. Together with his fictional alter ego Rose, he conjures up chimeras and deviant creatures within extended ecosystems. His research as a whole is structured by a back-and-forth between iconographic remembrance work and a practice of investigations and field surveys, taking non-human living beings as examples and paying particular attention to the circulation of knowledge and gestures.

Rose Mahé Cabel will be presenting À nos mères, an evolving installation-performance, a domestic scene in transition born of the remains of a personal history.

On Thursday 20 June, starting at 6pm, the Frac will also be hosting the opening of Anna Solal's exhibition Mille projectiles. + info

Also in June:

* Iconoscope : Un peu plus de minutes avant l'après | Ninon Hivert | 29.05-13.07

* Aperto : Pangée Acte1 - Sur Sol | Alba Sagols & Baptiste Eybert | 15.06-23.06

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