For continuity of income

the Mar 22, 2024


Friday, 22 Mar at 6:30 PM

Continuity of income for artists and authors

Presentation of the brochure on unemployment insurance for creators by the collectif travailleureuses de l'art 13, in the context of the draft law put forward collectively by the Syndicat National des Artistes Plasticien-nes de la CGT, la Buse and the Syndicat des Travailleur-euses Artistes-Auteur-ices CNT-SO as well as the culture commission of the French Communist Party.

This text is the fruit of work undertaken by the Culture Commission of the French Communist Party with trade unions and professional collectives on the status of artists-authors in France.

The "hard core" of this status - which is still unfinished - is the set of social rights won by the various players in intellectual, artistic and literary creation. Their inclusion in the general social security scheme for employees is one of the great advances of the twentieth century.

Unlike all employees, artists and authors are not entitled to a replacement income in the event of a loss of resources. The introduction of income continuity will be one of the elements enabling artistic work to be recognised as a socially necessary activity. It will be a first step towards creating the climate of serenity and freedom that creators need to carry out their work. This must be one of the achievements of the first quarter of the 21st century and must be reflected in legislation.