Group exhibition


the Feb 07, 2024

Single opening

Wednesday, 07 Feb from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

MO.CO.Esba invites a group of third-year students to Glassbox-Sud to present their OMELAS projects, which originated in a science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. Ceux qui partent d'Omelas (Those who leave from Omelas) imagines a utopian society represented by a small town (Omelas) where life is good and the inhabitants are perfectly happy, but this situation is only made possible on the condition that an isolated soul, on the remote edge of things, is condemned to an existence of torture and solitude.

The works presented for this event will have nested themselves in the interstices of this story, to prolong it, change it or make us think, despite the temptation offered, of the hideous nature of a happiness accepted at this price.


With students :  Sami Baghdadi, Eloïse Caracotch, Louise Crovella, Alexandre Duboc Simoes, Sorenn Gianoncelli, Lola Hivert, Juliette Klopp, Solange Lefèvre, Emery Lichtenstein, Sarah Michelin, Elina Pechena, Cloé Poussou, Anaïs Sanchez, Julien Schurger Foy, Nikoleta Tzirita Zacharatou
Accompanied by Laetitia DELAFONTAINE, Pierre JOSEPH, Grégory NIEL