Carin Klonowski et HaYoung

Will you hear me if I come …

Sep 23, 2022 - Oct 10, 2022

Opening + performances

Friday, 23 Sep at 6:00 PM


13 rue de Belfort, Montpellier

To mark the opening of its new space, Glassbox-Sud has invited Carin Klonowski and HaYoung to put together an exhibition of their recent work.

An artist and researcher based in Chelles and Montreuil, Carin Klonowski pays attention to what is obsolete and decaying, and questions the affects of nostalgia and melancholy in the digital age. Somewhere between installation and performance, she invests the physicality of our digital interfaces by manipulating machines, media and content that have become inoperative. She welcomes us into liminal spaces, close to ruin, where she sometimes assumes the role of NPC, asking us incessantly: R U LOST?

HaYoung is a transdiciplinary story-teller based in Marseille. He collects different fragments of narratives that enable him to transcend cultural, political and linguistic boundaries. Like a DJ SET, who interweaves different rhythms and sound textures to create and share an atmosphere, HaYoung mixes references to create new tales and develops his own language. By playing with the bugs and misunderstandings that accumulate in pixelated worlds, he tackles the issues of displacement and deterritorialisation to tell the story of fragmented identities, their relationships, their struggles and their virtual and physical updates.

Text by Eugénie Zély