Rôle vampire

the Jun 11, 2022


Saturday, 11 Jun at 6:00 PM

An ESACM and Glassbox production

In the manor house of Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, a community of vampires in crisis is trying to recruit new members...The film Rôle vampire is the second part of the Causes Mineures programme, designed by Clémence Agnez and Arnaud Dezoteux. This research and creation project focuses on life-size role-playing games (or GN). A cousin of tabletop role-playing, LARP is played by physically embodying a character who interacts with others within a fictional universe and according to a system of pre-established rules.

The result of a long-term workshop at ESACM with a small group of participants, including Masters students and researchers from the Coopérative de recherche, Rôle vampire is both a game that plays itself out in its own 'mise en film' and a film that constantly questions, through a narrative that emerges randomly from spontaneous action and its accidents, what a hybrid form between cinema and role-playing might be.

With : Clémence Agnez Crys Aslanian Marion Balac Vincent Caroff Leticia Chanliau Arnaud Dezoteux Philippe Eydieu Juliette Jaffeux Carin Klonowski Danaé Seigneur Nino Spanu