Hélène & Lucien Garcia

La vie qu’on mène

Nov 07, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019


Thursday, 07 Nov from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Game Night as in Belgrade

Saturday, 09 Nov at 8:30 PM

Waffles & fanzines Ventilo by Roberto Pezet & Léon Lenclos

Sunday, 10 Nov from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

H – I just left the framer with my grandfather’s paintings, you’ll never guess who I ran into!
B– Who?
H– The whole blue thing was crazy. I had emotions <3
C – COOL, did you talk to them????
H– YES, I told them we’re all behind them! Especially on Saturday the 9th against the Serbs.
B – You mentioned the FFF. was supporting us, right?
H – No unfortunately I didn’t have the time, I would have liked so much to tell them about our bar in the colors of the match, the songs we created, and the freestyle contest organized by the Cacahuètes sluts too …
B – Next time, but it’s such a sign!
H – YES, if I cross again I ask them to be godmothers of our Delgado & Garcia’s performance ! Roberto and Leon have promised to talk about us in their next Ventilo !
C – Even better than So Foot
B – Where are you rn ?
H – I’m coming to Glassbox
B – Okay, we’re waiting for you. We’ve already unpacked the knitwear. It’s shiny as hell.
C – Can’t wait to see the result, once Lucien’s paintings are hanged.
B – Crossed hanging!
C – By the way, we have some bits for the exhibition text, can you tell us what you think? Let’s start with your work around the knitted pieces, which are both objects to live in and artworks.
B – It reminds me of “symbionts”, those organisms that live off their relationship with other species but without parasiting them.
C – Yes, let’s start from this relationship to the public, because your pieces are both malleable and adaptable like the primary meaning of ornament.
B – Fill, Bind, Enhance.
H – Yes! Kind of like finery that values the work of others.
C – Explaining the idea of creating a dialogue between your recent pieces and a selection of your grandfather’s paintings.
C – Has Lucien ever shown his paintings?
H – No, he always painted on his own, in his free time and during his travels.
B – But how did you start to do the stitches?
H– Like him, on a trip two years ago. The idea was to make objects to live, wear and see.–
C – That’s how you came up with the title?

H – Yes, it refers to those moments of hazardous encounters that lead you to start a practice. My grandfather met an architect on a cruise who encouraged him to paint. That was the starting point of his practice.
B How about you ? What was your trigger?
H – At the Naple’s Museum of Archaeology, there were fragments of metal objects. When I returned to the workshop I began to explore these forms, their principles of meshing and how I could update them, adapt them for contemporary life.
BYes, this famous life we live.
C – hey, I see you’re listening
H – Basically, it’s the meeting of amateur practices
C – And the pleasure of shared fun!
H – Whether you’re a Sunday painter, a hard weaver, a football team supporter or a self-publisher …
B… – #VidaLoca #

Nov. 7 : Opening
7.pm ↝ 10.pm

Nov. 9 : Game Night as in Belgrade
A performance by Delgado & Garcia
8.30.pm ↝ Pre-game, predictions & opening of the bar area
9.pm.↝ France-Serbia kick-off, comments & broadcast of the game live
Half-time with the Cacahuètes Sluts
End of the game ↝ Lottery game

Nov. 10 : Waffles & fanzines Ventilo by Roberto Pezet & Léon Lenclos
4.pm ↝ 8.pm Presentation of the Ventilo collection, Prints, T-shirts & Waffles

This project is supported by the FFF – French Football Federation

SoFoot.com | Collective | Le POST

Drinks and food provided La nuit je mange

He started painting on a cruise in South America, carried by a morning meeting on the bridge. From then on, he continued to paint, in his spare time, until the end of his life.

Arrested in a stadium, for unauthorized use of megaphones… Marie-anna Delgado & Hélène Garcia decided to join forces to comment on the french female football team’s games.

Hardly facing the 2019 heat wave, Léon Lenclos & Roberto Pezet embarked on the self-edition of “Ventilo”, in homage to their only sincere love: their fan.