Eugénie Zély

Jouir de prédire

Mar 30, 2022 - Apr 16, 2022

Opening + Launch

Wednesday, 30 Mar at 6:00 PM

Exhibition and launch

Thune Amertume Fortune is about the possibility of revolution. Eva Sig is poor. She lives in the Vendée. Her days are organised around the need to avoid paid work. She uses all sorts of avoidance strategies, from magical thinking to deprivation. Laura and Marine are her friends. Marine is obsessed with houses, Laura with well-being. The clairvoyant earns her living by satisfying her clients' liberal capitalist desire for answers (she knows it).When Andrea Quem meets Eva Sig at a NOZ, something changes

. The sports coach, whose world has been reduced to a platform in front of a mirror, recounts her life in detail before giving her Zumba class. Eva Sig dies. Andrea Quem disappears. The revolution takes place.

Eugénie Zély is a 29-year-old artist and author. She works on the interplay between text and image, person and character, context and storytelling.

Thune Amertume Fortune is published by Burn Août. (18€)