Hotte, Club Sandwich, Youpr0n, La Gousse


Jun 27, 2021 - Jun 29, 2023

House, Club Sandwich, Youpr0n, La Gousse
On a proposal by Alisson Haguenier

Editorial orgy bringing together the publications of Hotte, Club Sandwich, Youpr0n and La Gousse around the pleasures of the food and the flesh.

(h)eat will be on display from June 27 to 29 with on the menu:

Multi-issue collaborative publication of recipes and photographs, initiated by Caroline Curdy and Sarah-Louise Barbett.

06.27 :
– Launch of the second issue of Hotte, in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet.
– Miss Bean (Special Live Cooking) –
– Dj Souriset

Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich is an independent magazine focusing each issue on a food and its representation in society, culture and art. As a hybrid paper object between journalism and contemporary creation, the magazine gathers about twenty articles (in French and English) and presents the work of about sixty artists.

YOUPRON is a feminist and pro-sex publishing house and artist duo for those who are interested in and question the relationship to pornographic cultures, its links with capitalism and pop culture. YOUPRON seeks to address the real place of obscenity today with humor and off-beatness.

– YOUPRON will present its special issue on food porn with artists Rebecca Dorothy, Joli-Coeur, Hector Mosko and JJ Von Panure, as well as a new video that promises onanism and ASMR, on a bed of pink and green gelatin sculpture.

La gousse
Collective project conceived in spring 2020 by Cécile Bouffard, Roxanne Maillet and Barbara Quintin that brings its participants together around the editing of recipes as well as their culinary and sculptural activation.

The term “Gousse” refers to garlic, a curative and mystical ingredient at the base of various proposed dishes, and comes from the slang language of the 18th century where it was used to refer to lesbian women.

– La Gousse will offer a special antiviral edition, cheap teeshs and a Sunday cuntkail.