Pauline Ghersi

Gros problème

Oct 28, 2023 - Nov 25, 2023


Saturday, 28 Oct from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Every hour

It's the first day of the Female Artist's residency at Glassdoor, a small art space administered by Laura, an ambitious director who demands horizontal management and at the head of a team that negotiates between small jobs and thankless chores. and professional aspirations. In theory, curating, administrative work and setting up exhibitions are distributed equitably among all members of the association. In reality it's a little more complicated...The arrival of Kalle, a trendy German artist and winner of a generous grant, is not about to help the chaotic relations within the team. With Clémence Agnez, Ugo Ballara, Ece Powell, Benjamin Fraboulet, Pauline Ghersi, Michael Kalkoff, Guilhem Monceaux, Liv Schulman.

Cinematographer (camera 1): Jean Doroszczuk
Cinematographer (camera 2): Pauline Ghersi
Sound cinematographer: François
GeslinAssistant director: Clara
LemercierScript: Ece Powell
Decorator and stylist: Constance Colmaire
Decoration assistant: Ece Powell
Figures: Lucciano Espeso, Christian Jamme, Noémi Lancelot, Frédérique Vivet
Technical resources: Jean Doroszczuk, Glassbox, Synaps Collectif Audiovisuel
Image editing: Anna Fonso, Pauline Ghersi
Sound design: Vivien Roche
Sound editing and mixing: Vivien Roche
Calibration: Hayika Maras
Music: Ugo Ballara, Neniu
Graphics: Traduttore, traditore
Translation: Guilhem Monceaux
Production: Visage Productions
This project received the support of the
Fondation des artistes.