Arnaud Dezoteux

Grandeur Nature

Jun 25, 2022 - Jul 13, 2022


Saturday, 25 Jun at 6:00 PM

A film by Arnaud Dezoteuxwritten with Clémence Agnez

Nuria Delormes, a young anarchist banished from Aquilonia for inciting sedition, travels across the Hyboraean lands to find out which of the political and social systems that make up the known world is the most just. Around her we see the members of her clan of chroniclers, Litus Frabis, a young, intrepid, gossipy upstart who provides for the gang's pittance through various larcenies, schemes and tricks of his own invention, as well as Celsian Déésprès, a horn-maker specialising in the manufacture of megaphones for advertising purposes and, above all, amplifying prostheses enabling him to amplify his hearing tenfold and discreetly pick up on conversations that are out of reach.

Lastly, Deuzic de Landrin, a perspectivist whose family is on the brink of breaking up, clings to his black box, which enables him to sketch with precision the territories he has travelled through in order to give us the most accurate impressions of them.Grandeur Nature is the latest film by Arnaud Deozteux, co-written with Clémence Agnez. It is the fruit of three years' joint research into issues relating to Clémence's philosophy thesis and the complex filmic devices that characterise Arnaud's work.It was produced by Glassbox as part of the Causes Mineures project, which aims to translate the practice of the Grandeur Nature role-playing game into film. The artist Celsian Langlois wrote the soundtrack, while Benjamin Fraboulet was responsible for production supervision, both of them being heavily involved in the development of the final product.

With the support of Dicréam, Lafayette Anticipations, Ultime Deux, Les Ateliers Canard and Cnap

Poster: Alisson Haguenier