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C'est les vacances

the Jun 01, 2023



Launch of C'est les vacances n°1collection Oversharing editorial direction: Eugénie Zély With contributions from :

On the periphery of the holidays - Capri

It's private until someone is interested - Alexandra Dourlet

Bernard Arnaud doesn't take the metro- Elise Mandelbaum

Eat the rich- Liza Maignan

S.oigner N.otre C.onfort F.essier - PJ horny

11:11- Anne-Sarah Huet

A true history - Rubbi Rogg

Piece of flesh - Azani V. Ebengou

Parole Parole - Béatrice Lussol

D'l'or - Rosanna Puyol

C'est les vacances could be a gift for those whose eyes are brimming with tears, those whose state of sadness is aggravated by the fine weather. When everyone else seems so relaxed and spends their day in the fresh air, bathing and laughing in the warm evening air, for those who don't feel the slightest desire to leave their bedroom.

The launch will take place at Glassbox on Thursday 1 June with readings by @pj.horny @elisemandelbaum @rosanna.puyol @beatricelussol @lizamaignan @sam_claude+ DJ set by DJ Fatale @ninonenea

Illustrations by Lou Verant Design review by Aurélie Massa

C'est les vacances received support from the Agnès B endowment fund.

Visuals by Burn~Août from the work of Lou Verant and Aurélie Massa.