Camille Juthier

À voux qui m'êtex cherx

Sep 16, 2023 - Oct 13, 2023


Saturday, 16 Sep at 6:00 PM

Closing + Glassbooks launch

Friday, 13 Oct at 6:00 PM

Restitution of residency.

With Ali Bomassi, Anaïs Rolez, Claudette Juthier, Maïa Lacoustille, Marinette Mounier, Gustave Meynier, Raphaëlle Kerbrat, Pierre Cancade, Simon Juthier, Stéphanie Dutertre,Ugo Ballara, Wilfrid Astier.

This exhibition is supported by Forte. We would also like to thank Ateliers Médicis, Drac Île-de-France, Fondation des Artistes, Adagp and Artagon.

- And what was your method for achieving your mission?

- A kind of magic soup, with all the gems I could think of, but then there's the reality principle
- What's the reality principle?
- It's when you've made choices that take you to a place you never imagined. But sometimes we don't choose much. 

When you're a child.

When you're under guardianship.

When you're disabled.
When you're in captivity.