Dimension Émotionnelle


Nov 29, 2019 - Nov 03, 2019

With the participation of Alice, Florent, Pauline, Raquel, Willie…

Any new community-based functionality involves a ritual of  automatic and repetitive gestures associated with special situations

Death holds place for those who wait. In pearlescent algebra and iridescent finitude, spittle cools to its truer amplitude. My theory of déjà vu begins with the end. Two black holes collapsing into pure torsions of matter negated.
There are seven dimensions. The pulse of this agglomeration pushes futures backwards like turtles in surf.

It is yet another agora. Seeding symbols across an hr descending finitude. Capacities for sleep in callousness hands are reciprocal to the gravity of mid-march. Interpersonal order and friperie plumage, pause laughter enough to make the plumber smile.

There is immense seduction in wounded intelligence. Perhaps we might yet borrow a smoke machine.

– Willie Brisco –

Dimension Émotionnelle is a fictitious entity created in 2012 whose projects have been shown, among others, at Bridge Art Space (Bangkok), La Chaufferie (Strasbourg), Pauline Perplexe (Arcueil), La MAC (Créteil), Austellungsräum Klingental (Basel) and the Kunsthalle (Basel).

Dimension Émotionnelle develops its projects from residual information, flows, waste, reappropriating the codes of the business world, the different forms of discourse and communication systems.

This information is freely reinterpreted through installations and videos in which mesoscopic objects are placed in a superposition of states like invertebrates that ossify at the end.