wildflower wildfire

________ wildflower wildfire

Group Show

Camille Vivier
Aodhan Madden
Cecile Bouffard
Antoine Trapp

Proposed by Cécile Bouffard

Everything’s got a fire inside it now, not just the house. Turn over a rock and there’s a fire. You might think it’s eternal, you might think it belongs to the rock but it’s just interior decoration with a lot of […]

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Go Far, Go Hard

________ Go Far, Go Hard

Kim Petras Paintings

Residency exhibition – L’estive 2021

Blood on the floor, glamour and gauze
Stain on the glass, make this the last night that you’re here
Bites on your neck, can’t dodge a hex
Show me respect, I see the death, I smell the fear
Don’t be afraid, just take my hand
Come follow me, I […]

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________ H(eat)

House, Club Sandwich, Youpr0n, La Gousse
On a proposal by Alisson Haguenier

Editorial orgy bringing together the publications of Hotte, Club Sandwich, Youpr0n and La Gousse around the pleasures of the food and the flesh.

(h)eat will be on display from June 27 to 29 with on the menu:

Multi-issue collaborative publication of recipes […]

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Collectif ChôSe

________ Comment faire disparaître le travail

Collectif ChôSe

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Why would you want to make work disappear? Work remains a value shared by the majority of the population, and not just for the wrong reasons. However, we believe that its current definition is limiting, as it is still associated […]

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Carin Klonowski

________ Blackscreen_ Issues_Sleeping_Displays

Carin Klonowski

Restitution of Carin Klonowski’s residency, concluding a year of research at Glassbox.


R – ???
U – ????
    Uncharted sea of
LOST                                                  […]

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________ Open Call

Applications must be sent before 16 June 2021 by e-mail only to the following address: glassbox.smart@gmail.com with the subject «ESTIVE 2021».

Given the cancellation of the previous edition, people who applied last year can send us a simple email to maintain their application as is, (with the subject «ESTIVE 2021») or, if they […]

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Revue Phylactère

________  Patati patata


Phylactère is an annual multi-voice magazine, born from the desire to explore the writing of orality and the possibilities of performance transcription, through authentic, subjective and spontaneous visions. Giving voice to amateurs, artists, designers and thinkers, the Phylactère magazine gathers transitional writings, assuming all the shifts between a script, the performed […]

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Glassbox Paris

________ Après les Sirènes

Naomi Heinrich
Quentin L’Helgoualc’h

Exhibition initially presented by Glassbox-Sud in 2020, resulting from the cross-residencies of Fleuryfontaine, Naomi Heinrich and Quentin L’helgoualc’h in Sète.

What to do after the sirens? Not after they have fallen quiet, allowing silence and time for reflection, but rather when they have burst out in a thousand directions, shouting to […]

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________ Après les Sirènes

Naomi Heinrich
Quentin L’Helgoualc’h

The exhibition Après les Sirènes (After the Mermaids) brings together a group of works created by Naomi Heinrich, Fleuryfontaine and Quentin L’Helgoualc’h during their residency at the Chai Saint Raphaël.
Throughout the summer, the artists shared research and practices focusing on the exploration of digital territories. These virtual incursions are tools […]

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.no signal

________ .no signal

Carin Klonowski

A display presented as part of Carin Klonowski’s residency and visible from the Glassbox window.

Carin Klonowski invests the embodiments of our digital interfaces.
She manipulates the filters and liquid crystals of screens that have become obsolete and/or inoperative.
Through analog and poetic interactions, she reanimates inert devices to exhale their final sighs.

This […]

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