________ À voux qui m’êtex cherx

Camille Juthier
Restitution of residency.
16.09 – 13.10
Opening on Saturday 16 September from 6pm
Finissage on 13 October + launch of Glassbooks
With Ali Bomassi, Anaïs Rolez, Claudette Juthier, Maïa Lacoustille, Marinette Mounier, Gustave Meynier, Raphaëlle Kerbrat, Pierre Cancade, Simon Juthier, Stéphanie Dutertre,
Ugo Ballara, Wilfrid Astier.
– And what was your method for achieving your mission?

– A kind of magic soup, with all the genx I could think of, but then there’s the reality principle.

– What’s the reality principle?

– It’s when you’ve made choices that take you to a place you never imagined. But sometimes we don’t choose much.
When you’re a child.
When you’re under guardianship.
When you’re disabled.
When you’re in captivity.
On view from 16 September to 13 October
(Wed-Sat 2pm-7pm)
This exhibition is supported by Forte. We would also like to thank Ateliers Médicis, Drac Île-de-France, Fondation des Artistes, Adagp and Artagon.

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