________ Après les Sirènes

Naomi Heinrich
Quentin L’Helgoualc’h

The exhibition Après les Sirènes (After the Mermaids) brings together a group of works created by Naomi Heinrich, Fleuryfontaine and Quentin L’Helgoualc’h during their residency at the Chai Saint Raphaël.
Throughout the summer, the artists shared research and practices focusing on the exploration of digital territories. These virtual incursions are tools for augmenting a charred reality, in which violent bodies or dependent subjects evolve.

fleuryfontaine is a duo of artists working on the role that each and every one of us plays in the neo-liberal, artificial and secure environments that condition our behaviour, our bodies, our relationship to the world and to others. Their work takes the form of installations, sculptures, performances, toy videos, films and digitally generated images.

Naomi Heinrich
By correlating photography, video, 3D images, sculpture and space in her installations, Naomi Heinrich creates devices that compose a landscape that is both concrete and virtual. She questions our situation as individuals circulating within hybrid environments that oscillate between construction and destruction, between building site and ruin. Through this in-between, her work bears witness to transitory states.

Quentin L’helgoualc’h
Quentin L’helgoualc’h is a visual artist and video maker. He develops a work of repetitive dialogue between the mediums of photography, drawing, sculpture and cinema, where relationships of scale and frictions between the perception of the real and the imaginary are confronted.
By making visible the process of fabrication, he proposes to rethink the boundaries between these forms. Through several exhibitions and residencies, his work is placed in a dynamic of exploration of spaces.

This exhibition is supported by the City of Sète, the DRAC Occitanie and the Région Occitanie.
We would like to thank the Chapelle du Quartier Haut and the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Sète for their support.


– Opening on Saturday 17 October from 2pm to 8pm.
– Exhibition visible from October 18 to November 8every day from 11am to 6pm, Free admission
– Meeting and visits with the artists on October 18th and November 8th at 4pm.

Chapelle du Quartier Haut, 8 rue borne, Sète

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