________ Après les Sirènes

Naomi Heinrich
Quentin L’Helgoualc’h

Exhibition initially presented by Glassbox-Sud in 2020, resulting from the cross-residencies of Fleuryfontaine, Naomi Heinrich and Quentin L’helgoualc’h in Sète.

What to do after the sirens? Not after they have fallen quiet, allowing silence and time for reflection, but rather when they have burst out in a thousand directions, shouting to exhaustion and in every place the imminence of an infinite number of dramatic events, sometimes concordant, sometimes contradictory. The danger is always already there, yet still to come. The cry of the sirens, a disarticulated choir of seductive speeches and howling tocsins, splits the contemporary subject between its lines of flight in all directions. If escaping is no longer appropriate, neither is the suspension of judgment and action.[…]

Clémence Agnez

fleuryfontaine is a duo of artists working on the role that each and every one of us plays in the neo-liberal, artificial and secure environments that condition our behaviour, our bodies, our relationship to the world and to others. Their work takes the form of installations, sculptures, performances, toy videos, films and digitally generated images.

Naomi Heinrich
By correlating photography, video, 3D images, sculpture and space in her installations, Naomi Heinrich creates devices that compose a landscape that is both concrete and virtual. She questions our situation as individuals circulating within hybrid environments that oscillate between construction and destruction, between building site and ruin. Through this in-between, her work bears witness to transitory states.

Quentin L’helgoualc’h
Quentin L’helgoualc’h is a visual artist and video maker. He develops a work of repetitive dialogue between the mediums of photography, drawing, sculpture and cinema, where relationships of scale and frictions between the perception of the real and the imaginary are confronted.
By making visible the process of fabrication, he proposes to rethink the boundaries between these forms. Through several exhibitions and residencies, his work is placed in a dynamic of exploration of spaces.


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