________(Yolande : epilogue)

Residency – personal exhibition

It’s a date: from September 1 to 15, Monsieur Moo returns to take over the Glassbox space as part of his residency-visibility. This time will be dedicated to the development of a scenographic project using as a central element of the wreck of the Yolande shrimp boat, already visible at the gallery during the summer.

This boat is at the heart of an artist’s project when, in collaboration with Louise Drubigny, it was projected against a wall of 2000 bottles of Champagne as part of an absurd baptism. However, what the film transcript of this gesture shows does not allow us to affirm that it was during this performance that Yolande sank. A gap between the two forms – the boat during the performance and the boat today – suggests that the reasons should be sought elsewhere.

A few other remnants of the previous project encourage this digression: 15 surviving bottles, lifting chains, etc. All these elements, concentrated around the wreck, becoming vectors for another version of the boat’s history. In the same way that the legends of sailors are built, it will be a question of imagining a shipwreck that has never happened … until it is convinced.


Residency > from 08.25 to 09.21.12
Exhibition > from 09.15.2012


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