Sound performance by Raphaël Bastide and Alexandre Contini

Void Instrument is a performative digital sound device.
It is the result of the collaboration between Raphaël Bastide and Alexandre Contini who were hosted in residency at Glassbox during the month of July. This digital violin making project interprets the interstitial shapes of everyday objects as parameters of a new musical writing. Assisted by a system of programs and devices made to measure, Void Instrument proposes to extend the materiality of the objects to the acoustic space, giving their presence the singularity of sound variables.
The collaboration between the two artists and Martin Meurin (interaction designer) is an opportunity to share different approaches to creation, digital technique and tools, while focusing on a goal of public performance.


• Acknowledgements: Martin Meurin, Bonjour Interactive Lab, La Générale.
• Visuals: Emilie Krengel