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Residency – group exhibition

WORKSHOP + CAR CONCERT > with : Méryll Ampe, Thomas Bethmont, Valentin Ferré, Vincent Malassis, Fred Pinault, Allister Sinclair + Glassbox team

This workshop is an opportunity for Véhicule Particulier, a music label for cars, to work jointly with Glassbox. The aim of this meeting is to think of new ways of demonstrating the musical production of Véhicule Particulier. From 9 to 16 January 2013, six artists will be invited to create sound compositions for Peugeot 205, considering the car as a vibrating body and sound sculpture. It will be the subject of an album, specifically related to this model, which will be presented to the public during a day of concerts on January 17.

During the workshop, the vehicle will occupy the very space of the gallery, transforming it into a garage, a recording studio and sharing space. By disrupting the landmarks, this gesture corroborates the architectural project of the FREAKS Freearchitects, which, with the gallery’s window opening entirely onto the street and the asphalt of the ground, questions the limits between the public and private spheres.

The day of January 17 is the result of a reflection on the conditions for the public presentation of this project. The public will be invited to experience the compositions during an automobile concert, with one of the artists, in a Peugeot 205 driving along a chosen path. This mobile listening will provide a certain experience of the urban landscape, during a journey through the Paris area, using the ring road, nearby motorways and suburban roads.

As the work of sound creation is thought of in layers, the music will then add up with reality. The workshop process will be visible in the gallery through the presentation of preparatory materials and work elements (maps, drafts, photographs, videos).



Véhicule Particulier

Véhicule Particulier is a music label for cars initiated in 2011 by Thomas Bethmont and Valentin Ferré. The label offers a catalogue of sound compositions intended to be listened to inside specific car models.
Each sound composition is elaborated with and for them. The only compositional constraint proposed by the label is to make the recorded music interact with the acoustic properties of the car. The artist then chooses the conditions of interpretation that the driver-interpreter must meet during the concert, within his vehicle. The work exists when the composition is played in a driving situation, under the conditions defined by the musician. For each composition, an object is made according to the support imposed by the vehicle’s car radio, and today, the Private Vehicle is active through the organization of workshops, including meetings, composition and concerts, and is an exhibition device of Ultralocal, an organization that strives to welcome and move artistic practices through questions relating to the production, display and circulation of works.



Workshop > from 10.09 to 01.16.13
Car Concert > 01.17.13  from 11. pm to 9:30 p.m.: Peugeot 205 car concert – takes place in two Peugeot 205, for the duration of an urban tour in the presence of one of the artist composers


Véhicule particulier
Ultra local


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