________(A disc, a microphone and vice versa)

Yann Leguay’s solo exhibition

he deconstruction of sound in a very direct approach. A brutal game of form is set up through hybrid, absurd and transient objects that could be defined as a noisy Arte povera.

Live: Un disque, un micro et inversement.
Cutting a microphone at full volume using a disc cutter.
It is the ultimate wear and tear of the microphone, functioning as a reading head on an abrasive disc, a kind of extreme vinyl turntable. A noise performance, which exceeds the strength limit of the support to shake up this usual materialism that we practise.

A performance in 3 parts where the feedback, the disc attack, the residual sound follow one another logically. 

In partnership with MAL AU PIXEL #7


Exhibition > from 10.31. to 11.09.12


Yann Leguay


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