________ (UBIQUE, the stay-at-home holidays)

Collective show

Artists : Mathilde Barrio-Nuevo et Julie Marchal, Julie Buffard-Moret et Raphael Emine, Antoine Carbonne, Virginie Descamps, Romain Gandolphe, Mathieu Gruet, Elsa Parra et Johanna Benainous, Luke James, Samir Mougas, Marie Ouazzani et Nicolas Carrier, Alicia Tréminio, Samuel Trenquier, Florian Viel, Mélanie Villemot

With the solstice coming up, time stretches, the days crack and reveal the vague ideas that have been buried in the daily routine of work. The indolence of the last occupations in June is evident, and with it a vague procession of travel plans without place or date, new lives with uncertain geography.
Paris is looking for its beach, inventing it in the interstices of its saturated urbanization. Obviously it is not a beach, not even a tiny one, just the desire for a beach, a desire that grows where one cannot leave and that tells that the journey does not begin. But if no one has left, everyone is also somewhere else: in the story of his other life, of future or non-existent holidays, stretched towards the horizon of the summer that is beginning.
UBIQUE presents itself as the road book of these immobile journeys, marked by an fantasy of games and distant territories, a delicious laziness rooted in the daily idiocy of ordinary times. Between reality and its double, UBIQUE unfolds before us the hallucinated exoticism of an era that dreams of road-trips to the office, whose screens pour into the city the hemophilic flow of wild rivers. City-dweller and survivalist, salaried employee and adventurer, the contemporary individual here reshapes his soft identities through the multiple projections that technique and desire allow him to mix.


> Opening on Friday, June 16 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
> Exhibition from June 17 to July 8, 2017

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