________  They call me the U.F.O

Launch and exhibition

Connection Contacts is an editorial project led by Samuel Bosseur and Matteo Demaria since February 2018, that explores the intersections between visual arts, poetry, graffiti, music and other worlds…

THEY CALL ME THE U.F.O. is first and foremost a collective collection of 14 artists whose practice is based on writing, narration and language.
It is a collection of 170 pages made up of samples, hypotheses, research, archives, analyses, fictions, collages… from which emerges an atmosphere of disturbing strangeness, a suspense tinged with anxiety, voids to fill and holes to drill, like a world ending light breeze. This book then becomes an exhibition. Artists are invited to bring elements related to the collection’s content, to complete it, to support it and to provide further ideas for discussion.

With :
Anais Lapel
Backonet Jackonet
Benjamn Fernandez
Bruno Persat
Camille Juthier
Gaspard Kasimir
Gérémy Lelièvre
Léa Viretto
Lucas Sibiril
Matteo Demaria
Melissa Cascade
Mélodie Blaison
Paint 3000
Samuel Bosseur