________ (Terrace)

Terrasse is a matter of points of view.
A position in a panorama.

In the Glassbox space, four gestures, four overlays, are presented, made on images taken from another life.

The pieces are all double: they are both images of a point of view and an external time, and screens that host a few gestures that isolate them from an intimate narrative by providing them a new perspective. If the concept of memory persists, it becomes generic. The images are clearly visible but tend to emancipate themselves from their origin.

Born in 1985 in Aix-en-Provence, Ludovic Sauvage lives and works in Paris.

His work takes the form of installations, including image projections, still or moving.

Ludovic Sauvage uses the image, pre-existing or recomposed, as the basis of a plastic work that consists of bringing space and time to it. His luminous projections or video devices superimpose different views, in order to confront, mix or erase the landscapes they contain, thus creating several simultaneous perspectives for the viewer.

Depending on the installations, they are frozen, fragmented or dissolved in their own space-time.

Creating 3d images, or using pre-existing slides, a variety of devices he sets up questions the temporality of the images and the relationship to our perception.


01.31 to 02.28.15


Ludovic Sauvage


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photos © Antoine Chesnais