________ Télomeris

Laura O’rorke’s residency & solo exhibition

Opening on Tuesday, April 28th at Glassbox from 19.00 to 21.00, followed by a performance at the Villa Belleville – Résidences Paris Belleville at 21.00.
Performance in collaboration with producer François X, singer Alexia Pingaud, artist David Legrand and dancers Sarah Konté, Sarah Andrès, Camille de Bellefond and Hanna Novack.

Téloméris is an artistic project with multiple ramifications that Laura O’rorke has been leading for the past year and a half. Mixing performance, song, dance, writing and sculpture, Téloméris raises the idea of the loss of a community ideal through the medium of science fiction. Part of a novel currently being written, this three-part project, Aposuspita, Hibrisae and Cristorgiallus, is a triptych of performances composing parts of a ritual to which no one has yet been initiated. Téloméris proposes to study, through the detour of fiction, the notion of human society through its codes and beliefs, where both modernist projections and a quest for a return to the sources are confronted.



Opening: Thursday, April 28, 2016
Exhibition from 29.04 → 14.05.16
from Wednesday to Saturday from 14.00 – 19.00


Interview conducted by Point Contemporain
Villa Belleville


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