________ Surface Matters

Group exhibition
Artists: Carlos Fernández-Pello, Monica Restrepo, Camille Tsvetoukhine
Curator : Veronica Valentini

A ritual and inconclusive stage in a flow of events and experiences that also includes the process of production and research, the Surface Matters exhibition reflects the cultural, artistic and technological forms through which man and human creation mutually configure each other. Through ephemeral, artisanal or scientific practices fuelled by the knowledge of museology, anthropology and ergonomics, the works presented materialize the traces of a vanished civilization, the sets of a ghostly choreography and a series of reshaped accessories. Surface Matters focus on the production of values and meanings of cultural forms and refers to our perception of reality and how this perception is affected by the introduction of new or alien elements into a context.

In partnership with, MataderoMadrid, BAR project
Organized with Emma


Opening : Thursday, October 20, 2016, at 7 p.m.

Exhibition from 10.21. to 11.05.2016



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