________ SPIN-OFF

Invited to the Estive artist residency at Glassbox, Jagna Ciuchta in turn invites other artists to exhibit in her space.

With the works of: Colombe Marcasiano, Nicolas Lafon, France Valliccioni, Davide Ancelin,  Giuliana Zefferi, Sylvain Azam, Antonia Carrara, Laetitia Paviani, Marlena Kudlicka.


The protocol is impertinent: in turn, to ask other artists to exhibit successively, in her place, for a short period of time, in the space made available. Jagna Ciuchta’s proposal with the picture rails open in August: others more numerous rather than just one.
A cascade of artists in space, with no other constraint than to leave the place to the next one.
Several of them, to whom the original guest artist and hostess of the sharing in the place, specified that their work would also lend itself to the production of her own; without knowing yet exactly how, only when. That is to say at the end we do not know, unlike the habit of the artistic project in this case.

Jagna Ciuchta organized the openings of others, the photographic documentation of their exhibits and the communication of a two-month residency project, common, personal and none of the above, under a generic title: ‘Spin-off’.
To this title was added the name of the proposal/exhibition of each of the invited artists or groups of artists, with two superimposed images on the online invitation card: one chosen by Jagna Ciuchta, the other by the exhibitor. A rectangular format – a circular format.
That draws a hole in the image of one or a stain on the image of the other.
Or a lack of both pictures.
An image around or an image inside. A plate in front of the screen.
All this in the selective ambiguity of the Photoshop layer.

‘Spin-off’ would refer here to a television series called ‘derived’, i. e. which uses the same character in different contexts, a parallel show, in time or space.
Here, perhaps the same artist in different artists, or the opposite.
Here an artist, optimal and several.
Around this ambiguity would unfold as an ingenious corolla a critique of the cultural industry’s tyranny, as well as of the self-image to be projected, and a desire for authority (authorship), otherwise expressed.

This, roughly speaking, is for the symptom that will occupy the supporters of reputational sociology promised to the rich future of ontological breakthroughs; when the future belongs to the aura that has had a future.
We can just as easily talk about something else, for fear of using the same language that we will feel here, that it hangs from the nostril of the French-speaking brain.


Each of the proposals that followed one another in space during these two months can be interpreted in two ways: in the light of the invitation and in the light of the guest’s personal work, under neon lighting, then documented online, later on. Which is more like four times read; we read a lot.
There have been proposals from Colombe Marcasiano (who in turn invites Nicolas Lafont), France Valliccioni, David Ancelin, Giuliana Zefferi (who invites Sylvain Azam and Antonia Carrara to join her), Marlena Kudlicka and finally Jagna Ciuchta.

> PDF with a sample of images and their captions


L’ESTIVE, production residency of Jagna Ciuchta > 07.15 to 15.08.14

. CUM ET CATENA > 08.02. to 08.04.14
an exhibition by Colombe Marcasiano and Nicolas Lafon.
. AU-DELÀ DE LA PLANTE VERTE > 08.13 to 08.17.14
a proposal of France Valliccioni
. a divided dot.review > 09.11 to 09.16.14
an exhibition by Marlena Kudlicka
. SPIN-OFF > 09.24 to 09.27.14 – opening on 09.20.14
exhibition by Jagna Ciuchta

ARTISTS (in order of appearance)

Colombe Marcasiano + Nicolas Lafon
France Valliccioni
David Ancelin
Giuliana Zefferi + Sylvain Azam + Antonia Carrara 
Marlena Kudlicka
Jagna Ciuchta


Content and Context – In Conversation with Jagna Ciuchta. Interviewed by Anna Tomczak for Contemporary Lynx.


The Exhibition is supported by the CNAP and the DRAC Ile-de-France.
Acknowledgements : Guillaume Durrieu, Samir Ramdani, France Valliccioni, Colombe Marcasiano, Nicolas Lafont, David Ancelin, Giuliana Zefferi, Sylvain Azam, Antonia Carrara, Marlena Kudlicka, Vanessa Safavi, Nathalie Anglès, Jessica Castex, Sebastien Gokalp, Cécile Degos, Georgia René-Worms, Kwinten Lavigne, Artists Space, Residency Unlimited, MAM, Wiels, Stormking Art Center.