________ (Memories from Lake Texcoco)

Maxime Bondu’s Solo exhibition

Since its foundation by Hernán Cortés, Mexico City, a city covering the ancient Aztec lake city of Tenochtitlan and now the world’s third most populous megapolis, has been sinking into the ground. During the second half of the 20th century, the drying up of the soil due to the exploitation of underground springs by 18 million inhabitants accelerated the phenomenon.

Format > Space oriented

If the question of Glassbox as a collective with which a work is engaged is also the principle of the ‘Space Oriented’ format, it is above all a way of looking at the gallery’s own space. The artist is invited to take over the exhibition space and to determine his own way of intervening with a perspective of a resolutely in situ work. The artist is selected insofar as he is interested in the issues specific to the spatial setting: in situ artist, architect, urban planner, designer or landscape architect. The specific purpose of this format is to question the modalities of the exhibition as punctuation or configuration of a place.


In-process exhibition from 06.05 to 06.29.13


Maxime Bondu