________ SHOW ROOM

An It’ s Our Playground exhibition with documentation of artworks by Eva Berendes, Anna-Sophie Berger, Stéphane Devidal, Ditte Gantriis, Zoe Williams

Borrowing from fashion codes and from a certain domestic style, for their exhibition at Glassbox, Camille Le Houezec and Joey Villemont take possession of the clothing and the printed transfer process as a nomadic medium for the presentation of works. As a pretext for iconographic weaving, the artist duo questions the reproducibility of the artwork and its potentialities in the same way as enhancers of the early 21st century.

Frédéric Emprou


Formed in 2009, It’s Our Playground is an artist duo composed of Camille Le Houezec and Jocelyn Villemont. IOP’s initiatives mainly consist of exhibitions, Internet projects, scenographies or installations, with the particularity of using curating as a medium. IOP continues to reflect on the modes of presentation, exhibition devices and the influence of the Internet on contemporary life and production.
Since 2010, the website www.itsourplayground.com presents itself as the portfolio of their common activity but it is above all an ‘artist-run space’ on the Internet, free from the material restrictions of a physical exhibition space. IOP’s online projects deconstruct the hierarchy between the different documents and question the digital presence of artworks.
From September 2012 to August 2014, IOP was in charge of the programming of SWG3 Gallery in Glasgow. They currently live and work in Thorigny sur Marne.


Opening on 05.06.2015
Exhibition from 05.07 to 06.13.15




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