________ Le Cinéma de la Nouvelle Lune – (outside screening)

❝ Glassbox invites the Cinéma de la Nouvelle Lune for two screenings.❞

→ The Cinéma de la Nouvelle Lune is a program initiated by artists and curators that has been offering night screening sessions since summer 2013 in the garden of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Montmartre, featuring artist’s videos and film extracts, mixing languages, formats and settings of moving images.


❝ The Cinéma de la Nouvelle Lune has carried within itself, since its creation, the idea of displacement.
By this we mean taking one thing and removing it from its natural environment. Perhaps with gentleness, perhaps with violence, but always with the conviction that its enclosure, often protective, does not reveal to us the full extent of its beauty. Whether it comes from its flaws or its assets, it doesn’t matter here. It is these hierarchies that always hurt the way we look at things.
Our goal is to take a film and remove it from its environment.
For artists’ films, leaving the gallery, leaving the loop, leaving the public often too aware.
For cinema films, leaving the cinema, leaving the narrative, leaving the spectator fixed in the fall.
Take these films and put them together in an urban space, where we were not expecting them anymore and watch how they build their cohabitation before our eyes. Hoping that we would feel moved enough to forget to judge.
So, like this world that doesn’t know how to deal with its displaced, relearn to look, together, out of the enclosure.❞

Screening’s introduction by Cyrille Hanappe, architect, member of PEROU (Pôle d’Exploration des Ressources Urbaines, which will represent France at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016), teacher at the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture, designer of
prototypes of equipment in areas of substandard housing in the slums of Grigny and Montreuil.

With films by :
Roxane Borujerdi
Keren Cytter
Rä Di Martino
Jérôme Grivel
Christophe Herreros
Béatrice Plumet
Till Roeskens
Davor Sanvincenti (& Meryll Ampe)
Ludovic Sauvage



01.10 2016 at 5 p.m.


Roxane BorujerdiKeren CytterRä Di MartinoJérôme Grivel, Christophe HerrerosBéatrice PlumetTill RoeskensDavor SanvincentiMeryll AmpeLudovic Sauvage


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