________ Rock!!!Steady!!!AreYouReady?!!

Thomas Klimowski’s residency and solo exhibition.

Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew….
an striker overflows on the side.
stop, movement of the square posts and an improvised dancefloor.
Recomposed cardboard, taped and well used.
Smeared Fluo.
Unrestrained situation: Synchronise your feet
Get down on the rhythm, high on the beat
B-boys, breakers, electric boogaloo

newspaper headlines /music inspiration /Recomposition /Wear
The electricity running through my veins.
Digital atmosphere with a capital “D”: Your Hit
Protective foams and gloves to keep your hands from getting fucked.

Freely inspired by Hey! You! from Rock Steady Crew


Residency > 04.14 to 05.05.14
Exhibition > 05.07 to 05.17.14


Thomas Klimowski