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Group Show > Editions du Tingre & Glassbox

With Damien Berthier, Brad Downey, F.A., Pablo Garcia, Gilles Pourtier, Anne-Valérie Gasc, Monsieur Moo & Louise Drubigny

For its third exhibition on Moret Street, Glassbox invites the publishing house specializing in silkscreen printing to present the results of its collaborations with the artists it has hosted over the past three years.
In curatorial partnership with Clémence Agnez, who wrote the critical texts, Olivier and Julien Ludwig-Legardez of Éditions du Tingre propose, through this exhibition, to enlighten the biases that underlie their editorial choices. In addition to the search for formal precision, we discover that each of the pieces proposed rethinks the medium from the inside. This self-reflexive dynamic governs their practice as silkscreen printers specialized in art publishing, to which is added a meta-discourse that constantly redefines their field.


Exhibition > from 05.12 to 06.15.12


Atelier Tchikebe (ex : Éditions du Tingre)