________ Polder

Group exhibition
With David Douard, Ann Guillaume, Thomas Klimowski, Veit Stratmann et La Ville Rayée

By presenting works that refer to the functional and no longer only aesthetic objects, this format plays on the relationship between artistic value and value in use.

The exhibition unfolds in two different timeframes. The first display is a discreet insertion in previous exhibitions: for each of them, a piece, produced for the upcoming Polder, is already presented but in an indistinguishable way since it is linked to its value in use. The object occupies an ambiguous place in the exhibition since it fulfils a function other than a work of art: whether it is an office or a library, a coffee machine or a display, it clandestinely infiltrates another programming.

In a second step, the production of these objects is made public on the occasion of a kind of retrospective exhibition, which, by cutting them off from their function, makes the same objects fall into the art field.


12.12 to 01.18.13


David Douard
Ann Guillaume
Thomas Klimowski
Veit Stratmann
La Ville Rayée


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