Group exhibition

With : Ecole (Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim), Estelle Deschamp, Etienne Descloux, Laureline Galliot, Morgane Tschiember, Soshi Matsunob, Statue (Romain Guillet & Louise de Saint Angel).

Curators : Didier Fitan & Arnaud-Pierre Fourtané (Kaiserin Editions), Benjamin Lafore (La Ville Rayée).

ORNAMENTUM LIBITUM offers seven artists, architects and designers the opportunity to create a trinket through 3D printing. The material used, the size and the cost of production of the object are similar to each artist.

Whether they are souvenirs, miniatures, fragments of reality, objects for dispensable use or simple curiosities, trinkets are both intimate and cumbersome monuments. Intimate for what is projected and cumbersome by the matter and space they consume in regard to their utility, these domestic ornaments whose ‘Value (…) does not stalk about with a label describing what it is’ * are the pretext for a reflection on the object’s status, its environment, its autonomy but also on the potential of 3D printing, through details that it allows and the production chain that it changes.

The exhibition follows the SERICUM GRAPHEIN exhibition held at the Glassbox space from September 27 to October 6, 2012.

KAISERIN EDITIONS is an independent publishing house founded in Paris in 2012 by graphic designers Arnaud-Pierre Fourtané and Didier Fitan. Their publication programmes focus on contemporary art and photography and include artist books, catalogues, thematic monographs and multiples.
Working mainly with emerging artists, each project develops a strong vision and a demanding bias both in the editorial design and in the graphic proposal.
In order to bring together the specific fields of publishing and contemporary art, KAISERIN EDITIONS is also an exhibition curator for galleries and institutions.


Exhibition from 09.25 to 09.28.13


Festival Jerk Off
Kaiserin Editions
www.ornamentumlibitum.tumb lr.com
Soshi Matsunobe
Morgane Tschiember
Laureline Galliot
Etienne Descloux
Estelle Deschamp


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