________ Narrative Background

Duo show by Axelle Bonnard and Margot Pietri

As part of the Grande FormeProgram

Narrative Background
is a proposal by Margot Pietri and Axelle Bonnard.

is designed to be a reception space: the exhibition space as a waiting room, a break room where the narrative proposes an interaction. It is also the place of suspension where forms are at rest when the word of individuals is manifested. Discussions are initiated by the visual elements in place. Narrative Background constructs a scattered space designed with the plurality of present individuals.

Narrative Background wants to propose the space of definition of a current narrative. It is tautological in its unfolding and construction. The foundations Narrative Background are rooted in a tangle of various quotations  that form the basis of the thought. It is the horizon, but also the very form of the fragmentary narrative: no hierarchy, everything is on the same level, in equal measure.

On the walls, the escape of this thought is presented.

Narrative Background invites :
Hélène Deléan
Etienne de France
Théo Hernandez
Jenny Lauro Mariani
Alban Leveau-Vallier
Mathilde Rives
Laura Sellies et Amélie Giacomini
Raphael Tiberghein + Lise Stoufflet
Julie Vacher


Opening: Saturday, October 8, 2016, at 7 p.m.

Exhibition from 10.07 to 10.09.2016



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Bruegel l’Ancien, Le repas de noces, 1568 (détail)