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A Proposition by Émile Degorce-Dumas & Haily Grenet

Artistes invitésÉmile Degorce-Dumas & Haily Grenet – Hélène Garcia – Matthias Garcia – Arielle Kliffer – Elsa Philippe – Ayurvedick Rivers – Louise Ronk-Senges – Jeanne Riot – Mika Rottenberg – Vincent Voillat 

In a social context where inter-human relations are experienced less directly than through their representations, the question is whether it is possible for art today to create direct relations to the world, when it comes from a field historically devoted to their representations.
Inheriting in our professional practices as artists and curators an interactionist approach, we wanted to open an institute of relational aesthetics. Its aim is to take care of the other and to allow them to find themselves, to reconcile themselves with their image in order to show them that this can bring them pleasure, satisfaction and well-being. For us at The Institute, the body is an incredible tool for communication and socialization, whether it is said to be ‘normal’ or marked by some kind of stigma.

Émile Degorce-Dumas & Haily Grenet


Opening on Friday 02.17 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm
Exhibition from 02. 17 to 03.05.2017

Performances by  appointment: linstitutdesthetique@gmail.com  |  07 54 58 52 85
> During the exhibition, visitors will be able to walk through the two waiting and treatment areas that make up the l’Institut d’esthétique environment. During the week, time in the gallery will be as if suspended; the spectator will then have the impression of experiencing a frozen physical space. On weekends, L’Institut d’Esthétique will come alive and will be able to receive those who wish to receive care.  
> Detailed programme of one-off events available in the. press kit.


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Artists :
> Émile Degorce-Dumas
> Hélène Garcia
> Matthias Garcia
> Elsa Philippe
> Louise Ronk-Senges
> Jeanne Riot
> Mika Rottenberg
> Vincent Voillat

Press :
> Télérama
> Les Inrocks
> M le Magazine du Monde