________ (The clue of a sequel)

A group exhibition with : Selim Ben Sheikh, Hela Lamine, Othmane Taleb, Ali Tnani, Rania Werda, Hugo Fortin

Created in October 2011 with the aim of promoting cultural exchanges between Tunisia and France, the Kasbah Nova association is supported by a Franco-Tunisian collective. Kasbah Nova contributes to strengthening the cultural cooperation network on both sides of the Mediterranean, through actions to support young artists, designers and projects with European partners. The Kasbah Nova Creative Residence aims to promote emerging Tunisian contemporary art. Based on annual programs, Kasbah Nova seeks to support Tunisian artists in the long-term as they move towards professionalization. Each residency session is led by Glassbox and takes place in new spaces to allow residents to meet the public and international professional networks.

The GLASSBOX team therefore designed The “Indice d’une suite” program, which is being conducted from March 2014 to February 2015. The focus is on two workshop and exhibition periods that take place successively in Paris and Tunis. The reception of the Parisian section in the GLASSBOX art space is also intended to promote exchanges with the young scene based in the Île de France region.


At the invitation of Kasbah Nova, Glassbox accompanies the work of young artists for one year, the projects are conducted according to different international timeframes. Around the sharing of experiences and thoughts, the three moments of productions give birth to three exhibitions. The exhibitions take place in France, Tunisia and a third partner country.

The concept of this project is to bring each piece presented during its exhibition to be revisited, transformed or increased for a new exhibition. The works are thus approached from the angle of a whole that is destined to be revealed over time. For this project it is not a question of starting a series but rather each time to produce or induce the clue of a sequence. The three exhibitions are thus the expression and material of a work to come. The first mode of appearance of the works induces a relationship afterwards, it evokes the part, the initiates, the unfinished or the mystery. The second piece presented will be able to provoke, announce or reinforce the rest of the work. It will carry the third piece within it, but in a way that is still indistinguishable. Finally, the third work, or more accurately the third mode of appearance of the same work, may close, perfect, fail or return the work previously presented.


Workshop from 06.04 to 18.06.14
Exhibition from 06.20 to 28.06.14


Selim Ben Sheikh, Hela Lamine, Othmane Taleb, Ali Tnani, Rania Werda, Hugo Fortin


Kasbah Nova
Mairie de Paris
Mairie du 11ème
Institut Français de Tunisie
Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
Graphik Island
Fondation de la Maison de la Tunisie
Office national du tourisme tunisien