________ Dinner for 2

Élise Ehry, Arthur Tramier, and Constance Hinfray’s as part of l’Estive

He passes in front of the window, his half baguette under his arm, he stops to ask us for a lighter.

“what’you doin?”

On the evening of 14th September, Les 3 Gros opened its large restaurant in an exceptional way at 4 rue Moret in the capital of the country of the baguette and the Sun King. Spreading the big house’s fabrics on the pavement, Les 3 Gros invites the street and its characters for dinner and celebrates the delusions of the great hours. The famous restaurant welcomes only two customers but the public, whose place is uncertain, will inevitably be in the front row.

60 years after the notable affair of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread), which drove the whole town of Pont Saint-Esprit into madness for several nights, the 3 Gros Bread is a reenactment of the collective delirium. The more than exclusive situation then becomes a situation of resistance. Bread like Glutinum Mundi, for a gluten that intoxicates the game of privileges.

“Will I be invited ? ”

Customers and visitors are placed in a same building.
Same day, same time, September 14, 7:00 p.m.


Les 3 Gros is an inadmissible restaurant, necessarily temporary and autonomous, which offers a single dinner for two. It is an in situ intervention that takes over a place and its peripheral resources to develop a local, rococo, precarious and high-class. The exceptional service is provided by a group of people whose gesture, whether clumsy or sumptuous, is always irreproachable. In this parody of the Grand Restaurant, the traditional customer-cook duo breaks out to reveal a third player: the public who, by holding the candle, becomes a voyeur.

Les 3 Gros is a project under the direction of Élise Ehry, chef, Arthur Tramier, conductor, and Constance Hinfray, head operator. As designers and artists, their work has been presented in galleries such as Boetzelaer|Nispen (NL), Deborah Bowmann (BE), Kelder (UK), BÚM galería (ARG); des festivals: Do Disturb!/Palais de Tokyo (FR), Santarcangelo Festival (IT), Biennale de Design de St-Etienne (FR), Het Nieuw Instiuut (NL), Festival SETU (FR) et des squats: Postnorma (NL), Macao (IT).

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