________Kiuaskivi, hot sauna, cold techno

A proposition by the collectif BLBC

Artists : Maxime Fourcade – Guillaume Gouerou – Nelson Pernisco – Simon Nicolas – Basile Peyrade

It was on the occasion of the Run Run Run exhibition,at the Villa Arson that Basile Peyrade, Maxime Fourcade, Guillaume Gouerou, Simon Nicolas and Nelson Pernisco, five artists from the Wonder, decided to design a collaborative project. Their reflection focused on the festival, a moment of sharing and communion that they wanted to establish within an art centre.

Before being the prerogative of luxury hotels, the sauna is a Nordic social tradition: with family, friends or even colleagues, people undress and relax in it. Before being the prerogative of luxury hotels, the sauna was prohibited: in the 14th scentury in Europe, the Catholic Church closed what it considered to be a place of debauchery. So today, in addition to being the prerogative of luxury hotels, there is nothing shocking about the idea of making it a place of celebration. After all, it’s always about the well-being.

The “kiuaskivi” are the sauna stones, heated by a stove (kiuas). Often volcanic, they are indispensable for storing and keeping heat in the wooden hut, but also for releasing steam.The Wonder Kiuaskivi also raises the temperature. Like the club, the sauna cuts us off from the outside world and offers us an intense sensory experience in a limited time. The main difference between these two spaces, however, is that while it is customary to parade in the evening, the Finnish ritual obliges us to be naked. It is liberation, a return to the natural, to what matters: sound. We are in an art centre, but the discourse is not so far from that of the free parties. “Hot techno” was a slogan in the ’90s. The Wonder/Liebert plays with the formula: “Hot sauna, cold techno” – so it’s a thermal and musical shock that they promise us. The dance is motionless, but sweat abounds. The meditation usually induced by this hut is prolonged by the Tekno vibrations. In this cramped space, the bodies rub shoulders and tremble in unison. Spirits evaporate. We let go. This is the Katharsis. This gives some meaning to the Finnish saying “Sisulla saunaan”: Let’s bravely go to the sauna.

During the opening and some events, DJs will play live, offering a total immersion..

BLBC, 2017


Opening on Sunday 03.12 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 pm
Exhibition from 03.15 to 03.25.2017