duo Cyril Aboucaya & Eric Abrogoua


duo show

with Cyril Aboucaya & Eric Abrogoua
At the end of a month’s residency with the Glassbox team, Cyril Aboucaya inaugurates the Glassbox-store. The spring summer 2016 collection of the C∙A label offers an original selection of altars, retables, stelae, aquarium reliquaries and vivaria in wood and plastic materials. The space at 4 rue Moret has been reconfigured for the occasion, with the function of its staff floating between cultural project manager and seller of half-animal, half-liturgical material. Eric Abrogoua, with the Glassbox team, welcomes you as shop manager to present this ritual furniture assembled in kit form.
His performance is accompanied by promotional videos in which he explains the material and spiritual benefits of his products.


Opening: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Exhibition From 03.18 to 04.09.16


Cyril Aboucaya


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to be published in the May/June 2016 issue of artpress