________  FIREWALK

As part of the Grande Forme program
A proposition by Camille Dumond and Lou Masduraud

Artists Romain Rampillon, Jeremy Piningre, Okay Confiance, Pauline Perplexe…

A concentric composition is deployed on the floor and walls of the room, forming a space designed to be filmed by a 360-degree capture device.

The installation is a filming space and an area to host a temporary community. We collectively occupy the space for three days, we live and discuss together according to the proposals of the invited speakers.

The events follow one another, overlap, wait and mingle with the living together time, the meals, the times of informal discussions, creating an open collective situation.

No programme determining the times of the interventions will be set up.

+ Romain Rampillon’s 360° filming device

+ Jeremy Piningre’s Poster

+ Okay Confiance

+ Pauline Perplexe

+ The Cheapest University 

+ Films à la nuit tombée :
Cité Idéale extended ~40 min . With:  Opa-Locka Will Be Beautiful, Armand Morin (21’12, 2011) – Paradise Loop, Alain Garcia (9′, 2016) – Picasso Land, Bertrand Dezoteux (11’06, 2015)

Les occupants ~60 min . With: People’s Park Archive, Fred Fischer (9’, 1969) –  People’s Park, Camille Dumond (9’, 2017) –  Ain’t Got No Fear, Mikhail Karikis ( 10’ 2016) – Stand-by Office, Randa Maroufi (13’20, 2017) –  Le Park, Randa Maroufi (14’, 2015)



From June 8 to June 9, 2017
Open from 11am to 11pm

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