After the near-complete destruction of our world, Faust, a superhero embodied by Buffy, is reborn to try to guide the survivors. Without any answer to the questions of the Men, victim of her impotence, she sinks with them and abandons herself to the disorder of partying. However, after humanity’s great ball, the question remains: How can she resist in a world over which she has no control? Initiated in 2014, this project is evolving.

The original project presented a triptych of a television opera made from used VHS tapes, remnants of a cultural education. In this Faust, the heroes of the 1990s struggle together in what is the expression of a lost generation. Since then, this project has been adapted and transformed.
Its conclusions change, spin-offs appear.

Theo Hernandez, Jules Lagrange and Abraham Murder will occupy Glassbox from July 2 to 16. The gallery will be the stage for a final dissection on the Faust project. Transformed into a workshop for the occasion, Glassbox will be open to the public throughout the exhibition. 

Three events will punctuate this time of occupation: 

Thursday, July 2 > Film screenings

Thursday, July 9th > Comics exhibition
With Rosa-Ly Chave, Sean Fangous, Dimitri Grangeon, Margot Pietri and Lucie Schwob.

Thursday, July 16 > Opera performance in five acts


Thursday 07.02.15 from 8:30 p.m.
Thursday 07.09.15 – from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Thursday 07.16.15 from 8:00 pm


Picture: Lucie Schwob


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