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A ‘deratist’ exhibition proposed by Karin Schlageter, Julien Perez and Sébastien Martinez Barat
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Pour une durée d’un mois, la revue en ligne Dératisme investit la galerie Glassbox et propose une exposition amenée à être remodelée au gré d’une série de cinq performances hebdomadaires.

During a one-month period, the online magazine Dératisme takes over the Glassbox gallery and proposes an exhibition that will be remodelled over a series of five weekly performances.

The objects that constitute the initial form of the exhibition will be activated in turn during the month of October. For each skit, one artist is invited to perform another’s production. During the course of a performance, two singular practices abandon their respective autonomy in favour of an intermediate work. The skits produced by these artificial encounters unveil different modes of artistic interaction, from commentary to appropriation, from borrowing to misappropriation, from collaboration to conflict.

Between each episode, visitors discover an exhibition space reconfigured by the movements and modifications undergone by the performed objects.

Exhibition realized with the support of the PavillonNEUFLIZE OBC – Palais de Tokyo

DERATISME is an online magazine that offers 10 original creations every 15 days, integrating different media. DERATISM is characterized by a willingness to submit completely to the speed of the world, to run like a madman, to finally overcome it.
[Long live DERATISM]
Editor-in-Chief – Julien Perez
Editorial Board – Gaëtan Didelot, Julien Magre, Karin Schlageter, Greg Vezon

Skit 1 > October 1 at 7:30 p.m.
Feiko Beckers – Aldéric Trével
Feiko talks about Aldéric’s spoon

Skit 2 > October 05 at 8:30 p.m.
Glassbox in partnership with Nuit Blanche
Benoit Ménard
Héléna de Laurens

Skit 3 > October 15
Charles Pennequin
Tony Regazzoni

Skit 4 > October 22
Côme Martin-Karl
Thomas Raynaud

Skit 5 > October 29
Francesco Fonassi
Gonçalo Sena


Skit 1 > 10.01.13
Skit 2 > 10.05.13
Skit 3 > 10.15.13
Skit 4 > 10.22.13
Skit 5 > 10.29.13




NUIT BLANCHE, Paris 2013
Pavillon NEUFLIZE OBC, Palais de Tokyo


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