________ Le sujet est épuisé

(The subject is exhausted)

Following the announcement of the Government’s new measures related to the health crisis, we have decided to postpone this event, so that it can take place under favorable conditions.

Rather than restricting the capacity (limited to 10 people indoors and outdoors) or considering an online retransmission, the Collectif ChôSe and Glassbox have chosen to reschedule the performances, a solution that seems to us the most coherent given the specificity of the project.
Given the growing precarity of our activities, which are further weakened by the current situation, we will nevertheless take advantage of the dates initially planned for the exhibition by organizing a workshop on these days, combining reflections and productions. The content of the workshop will then be published. A partial restitution of the research will be visible from the Glassbox window on Saturday, October 3.

As for the evening of performances and the writing workshop initially planned, a new date will be communicated as soon as possible.

The Chômage et Sexualité collective ( unemployment and sexuality) takes over Glassbox during a weekend because the subject is vast, exhaustion is a long and laborious task. Faced with the current organization of labor, the absurdity of certain tasks and their uselessness, in light of the danger, highlighted by anthropologist David Graeber, that free time represents for society, we will collectively try to exhaust the subject in order to give meaning to our activities. Because the subject precedes the verb, we will do things in order.

The exhaustion of the subject will take the form of performances, videos, readings and actions in which the protagonists will be the pawns of their own board game. Activating the playing cards in turn, they will evolve in the space of the gallery that has become a stage and will exhaust its possibilities by proposing fictional, poetic and narrative forms, as so many practices of resistance involving the body, the image, the word or the voice as a medium.

Because the subject is also exhausted on weekends, after announcing the rules on Friday, the protagonists will propose to extend the reflection the next day during a performative writing workshop.

ChôSe [unemployment and sexuality] is a collective of artists and authors from various backgrounds – literature, performance, video, installation – who have come together around a common goal: to defend a form of writing that favors hybrid forms and live proposals, which often result in paper publications. Incorporating diverse practices, chôSe focuses on orality, performance, experience and the plastic dimension of literature.

Polina AkhmetzynovaArrêt Maladie ou le destin de Sabinchen

Ségolène ThuillartLa tête de l’emploi
Installation, performance

Mélanie YvonLa cartographie des actrices
Installations, performance

Louise MariotteParlons peu, parlons bien

Rozenn VeauvyL’eau qui coulait sous les ponts
Performance – with Çağla Erdoğan and Ugo Ballara

Benoît ToquéIndispositions passagères

Matthieu BlondAs Blond As You Want #03


• Opening on le Friday, October 2 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
• Performative Writing Workshop on Saturday, October 3 from 2 to 6 pm/a>
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