________(A Straight Line that’s well hit is better than a Poorly Seen Circle.)

David Cousinard and Shanta Rao’s Duo show

Une Ligne Droite bien touchée vaut mieux qu’un Cercle mal vu is a famous adage in the shallows of Flatland [1].

Flatland world. Rain that travels horizontally. North is best.
Where Squares trample.
But in the World in which we live, where Geometric Figures are endowed with Consciousness, the risk of an insurrection remains and clashes seem inevitable.
How can we contain the pressure caused by the gathering of irregular forms, likely to undermine the Laws of Nature?
What can be said of the infamous dance initiated by the Isosceles Triangles?
How can you change the World when you are a Square and have only one Eye?
The Fog is a chance when the Straight Line moves to sting and that this one threatens of its Line by repressing its Cry-for-Peace.
Yes, the angularity flaw exists. When my eye sits at the other end of my segment, at the exact symmetry of my mouth. Blurring is inevitable.

For this Grande Forme edition, Shanta Rao and David Cousinard deviate – momentarily – from their respective practices in order to put into space artistic dialogue made of cut oblique lines and trajectories. A journey between saying and doing emerges in this place where navigation is done on sight, with the only clues to localities being the various reverberations of the thing done and the echo of the other’s words, repeated several times.


[1] – Flatland, a literary fantasy that uses geometry as a parable, written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott


Opening: Thursday, January 12, 2017, at 7 p.m.

Exhibition from 01.12 to 01.14.2017



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