________Brain Freeze

Adrien Vescovi’s Solo exhibition

Le format «The ‘x + Glassbox’ format is at the heart of Glassbox’s proposal since it is an opportunity for collaboration and joint work between a guest artist, selected on a specific project, and the team members. Under these conditions, Glassbox no longer thinks of itself only as an empty space of welcome but as a device that proposes different protocols, imposes constraints, develops interpretations with which the artist is called upon to intervene. This production and exhibition format questions the artist’s relationship to his own work more broadly through benevolent and constructive criticism and acts as a stimulator. It also aims to highlight the importance of dialogue and alterity in the creative process in general. Resulting from the encounter of an artist and structure, the object produced is expressed as the product x + Glassbox.


Residency > from 03.27 to 04.11.13
Exhibition > from 04.12 to 04.27.13


Adrien Vescovi