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Working sessions/Platform launching at Le Centquatre.

Online space dedicated to independent exhibition spaces that have been involved in a movement of experimentation with art-dedicated spaces since the late 1960s.

Networking Artist-run spaces spaces
The main challenge of structuring the Artist-run spaces network is to intensify the dynamism of exchanges between collectives while enhancing the uniqueness of each initiative. Each structure bears the seeds of the response that artists are developing to the artistic context, policy and economic renewal of the cultural sector over the past thirty years. Initiated by Glassbox – beyond an identity question and the issues related to contemporary creation – the team hopes to underline that the question of Artist-run spaces is above all a social phenomenon constructed by its own actors.

The challenges of structuring a network
The networking of Artist-run spaces does not propose to ‘label’ the structures that can respond to what an Artist-run spaces is, but rather to bring a new visibility to this original and alternative form of production and dissemination of contemporary art. Nor is it a question of standardizing the practices and issues specific to each Project Area, but rather of highlighting its influence and the different forms of organization.

From April 7 to 11, 2014
Special working session dedicated to Belgium

From November 13 to 30, 2013
During three weeks, Glassbox invites the managers of alternative structures to a first meeting, the space on Moret Street is organised in work in progress around the Artist-run Spaces.

November 10, 2013, at Cenquatre
At the invitation of Jeune Création, Glassbox proposes :
2 p.m. > artist-run-spaces.org
Launching & presentation of the website, Glassbox team, intervention
3 p.m. >  Gordon Matta-Clark: from 112 to the restaurant – Frédéric Vincent, intervention 
Frédéric Vincent is an artist, curator and co-founder, with Cannelle Tanc, of the artist-run space Immanence in Paris in 1998.
4 p.m. >  Between affects and circuits: realities of artist-run spaces in Brazil – Fabiana de Moraes, intervention 
Fabiana de Moraes is an independent auditor. She collaborates with the ArtMaZone project, runs the Sens’ArtLab association and teaches at the École des métiers et de la culture (Groupe EAC) in Paris.


Cenquatre > 11.10.13
À Glassbox > 11.13 to 11.30.13




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