Marielle Chabal’s residency for L’ESTIVE

Excerpt from RESET magazine, 2017 : :

A plastic palm tree.
In the intertwining of a failure and the repercussion of an aborted attempt, it was placed there, negligently in this diorama-random. It is a fake, no doubt in the same way that fake Chinese Nike were made, even if the real ones were too, well, only with right feet. The left ones were made in Korea. It is a fake, just as there were fake Picassos, ersatz ones for sure. Not exactly, it’s a fake, not a forgery. Pascal Obispo is a possible anagram of Pablo Picasso and in Romania, an Alain Delon, designates a three-quarter suede with a faux fur lining. This is not this kind of linguistic shift in terms of an episodic wandering, and it has nothing to do with an Oulipo-obispian lyricism. The banana produces a natural radioactivity linked to the potassium-40 it contains and originally TNT was not used as an explosive but as a yellow colouring agent. It is a fake, more certainly as there were fake blondes like Kurt Cobain, whose first rock band was Fecal Matter. Moreover, the first toilet paper, guaranteed splinter-free, is dated one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five and every day twenty-seven thousand trees are transformed into toilet paper. Sometimes, we also meet real blondes, from time to time in bathing suits and real blondes, who can smoke, for some of these Oulipo-obispian lyricisms: “Take this old whisky to the blond judge who smokes”; is a pangram, that is to say a sentence using all the letters of the alphabet.

In ancient times, the Z was the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. The Romans first found it useless and removed it, radically, then they changed their mind in the first century B.C. and put it back in the last place. Luckily, the keyboards gave it the second place in Azerty. “Il était un petit navire” is a well-known nursery rhyme for children and their parents. Yet beneath its cheerful false airs, the song tells a sordid tale: following a food shortage, the members of a ship draw straws to decide who among them will be devoured by the others. Fate designates the youngest of the gang, who starts praying to the Virgin Mary while his companions debate about the best way to eat him. The prayers of the young sailor are finally heard: thousands of fish jump on their own on the ship, saving the young moss and the whole crew. The city of Rome imports its cobblestones from Vietnam – where the left feet of real Nike sneakers are made – and ; Under the cobblestones the beach remains a symbol of the desire for freedom that shook France in the spring of one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight. When the first barricades were erected, the students noticed that the cobblestones of the barricades were laid on a bed of sand. It is made in China – like the real straight feet and the fake pairs of Nike – and was imported into France in the two thousand years, sold through Ebay and a Googlian translation:
Set the scene with this Woodland Scenics palm tree for a chance to dive in among your sets! Let imagination rule the outdoor design you build events with a little creative nudge.
Combined with other exotic lighting items that you will find in our “Exotic and Themed Lighting” section with this one, you will play up the tropical atmosphere brilliantly.
Then he stayed in a model for years before falling on the floor of the rue de Paris in Nice, during a move of an architect’s office. The vegetation of the French Riviera was characterized by the introduction of exotic plants intended to create a devastating and ornamental effect, offering the illusion of a tropical landscape. The palm trees on the coast were like the several hundred vaguely ridiculous neon palms that had illuminated Cairo from two thousand and three. Placed there, like the emissaries of an advanced, neon-worshipping floral civilization, post-internet, plastic and poisonous spore plants, in the form of kitschy Luxor remains, had appeared around the main squares of Giza. Their green and orange leaves, flashing and presumptuous, had first appeared in front of the zoo and around Galaa Square, defying the wind and good taste, among real palm trees, not even decorative. Then they had been dismissed and massaged in Mohandiseen’s basement while the others, immigrants to the French Riviera, let themselves die.
Dennis Wilson, the only member of the Beach Boys who knew how to surf, drowned and Bryan Wilson, his brother and the band’s leader, wrote California Girl California Girl during his first acid trip. In Bianca, Moretti walks alone on the beach and lies down on the girl’s back; the line of desire is called a line of desire, a shortcut traced by pedestrians cutting through a lawn or a median and to compose the intro of Destinée, Guy Marchand reversed the notes of Joe Dassin’s L’été indien. This is a piece of plastic, a work of art, in short, that was placed there. Scopophobia is the fear of other people’s eyes and Beethoven’s Letter to Elise was actually composed for a Therese. Charlotte, Amandine and Manon are potato varieties and the ashes of Frédéric Baur, the inventor of the Pringles packaging, were put in one of his boxes. In English, when you’re very happy, you say you’re as happy as a clam at high tide – for his re-election in two thousand and two, Saddam Hussein’s campaign anthem was an Arabic version of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You – he Greeks used oyster shells as ballots and Fukushima means “island of happiness”.

Marielle Chabal


> Residency August 9 to September 13, 2017
> Opening on September 14, 2017
> Restitution from 15 September to 21 October 2017

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